MEMSCAP®, the high added value MEMS leader, provides innovative products and solutions based on Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems* as well as MEMS contract manufacturing services. 

Our sensor solutions include pressure sensorspressure transducers and pressure switches applied to applications such as Air Data ComputersCabin PressureEngine ControlAltimeters, Barometers, Cockpit instruments, Air data test sets.

Our products are over performing the rigorous requirements of the most demanding applications like aerospace and defense. The MEMSCAP transducers do sustain the high environmental stresses of harsh environments (temperature, shock, vibration, …) and provide with excellent precision, long term stability and reliability. 
The core sensing elements of our transducers are the MEMSCAP SP82 sensors family which provide with the appropriate repeatability, hysteresis and reliability baseline required to achieve the highest transducers performance.
MEMSCAP has developed beyond state-of-the-art calibration procedures and algorithms to provide its customers with unmatched performance.