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Epsilor is a world-recognized developer and manufacturer of smart batteries, charging systems and wearable power and communication systems for high reliability applications.

The company’s expertise lies in a wide variety of electro-chemistries, smart electronics and sophisticated battery management systems (BMS).

Our customers include government agencies, militaries and large international corporations.

Our batteries serve the following markets:

  • Defense and military: batteries and chargers for tactical application, wearable electronic systems, power management electronics
  • Armored and military vehicles: the most advanced, safe and smart battery products, including 6T NATO standard size batteries.
  • Aerospace: advanced batteries, charging systems for unmanned aerial systems, missiles, projectiles, ground control station, and more.
  • Marine and underwater systems: unmanned underwater vehicles, swimmer delivery vehicles, sonar, unattended buoys, etc.
  • Industrial Vehicle and IoT: smart high-performance batteries for unattended sensors, vehicle applications, etc.

Web: www.epsilor.com