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Created in 2003 LOWDE-TITANIUM © has the capacity to deal globally with industrial supply of titanium and its alloys in any of its forms, as well as fully manage the processes of obtaining raw materials, machining, finishing, dimensional control and treatments.

They respond to the needs of their customers. They provide supplies accompanied by certificates DIN 10204 3.1. Special applications or demanding requirements make the 3.2 necessary. In this case employees of “Bureau Veritas” or “Sira UKAS” are present during the different lab tests and tests on the material or parts that we are going to supply. On other occasions the specialists present in the verification process are the auditing firm “Lloyd’s”.

The TITANIUM provides an increase of yield in applications where the relation resistance-I weigh is determining. The TITANIUM alloy gr. 5 with a weight inferior to the steel in a 44%, own a tensile strenght similar to quality 10,9 of steel for screws. The TITANIUM gr. 2 offer a tensile strenght similar to the stainless steel, with a saving of considerable weight, in addition it owns major corrosion resistance. The aluminium alloy 7075, commercially denominated ergal, is less resistant than the one of TITANIUM gr. 5. Its great advantage with respect to this one is mainly in its low densidad. The hard anodizing of TITANIUM provides major superficial hardness.

We can deal with any supply in sectors such as aerospace, aeronautics, industrial, medical, etc. Some clients: INTA (National Institute of Aerospace Technologies), LIDAX Engineering, SENER Engineering and Systems, INDRA, MIER Communications, TADA Aeronautical Techniques Defense and Automotive , ERZIA Technologies, EGP Appliance Controls, AZUREBIO, BITZ LÖTSYSTEME GmbH (Germany), ABUL S.L.R. (Argentina), EUROPER (Chile), RAMBAL Packaging Solutions (Colombia), TOOLS Machining (Mexico), DMT Yucate Screw Wholesale Distribution (Mexico), ACTIVE SPACE Technologies (Portugal), DELPHOS Implant (Portugal), Berardi Bulloneire ( Italy), FASTLOC (Italy), FuruteTrial (Italy), BOLT & NUT Manufacturing (England), STAYINPHASE (England), DM TECH (South Korea), SONOVISION (Romania), ASELSAN (Turkey), BISCO INDUSTRIES (USA), DAYTON- GRANGER (USA), etc.

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