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China, 2009

Metallic Packaged Infrared Detector

InfiRay self-developed VOx thermal imaging sensor (10μm, 12μm or 17μm) with high resolution (1280×1024, 1024×768, 640×512 or 384×288) inside Metallic Packaged Uncooled Infrared Detector. It’s not only highly sensitive but also reliable to offer Ultra Clear thermal images

Ceramic Packaged Infrared Detector

Ceramic Packaged Uncooled Infrared Detector has an InfiRay self-developed VOx thermal imaging sensor (12μm or 17μm) inside with high resolution (1280×1024, 1028×768, 640×512 or 384×288). It could also offer HD thermal images for low power consumption and compact size applications

WLP Infrared Detector

Wafer-level packaging can achieve smaller size, higher efficiency, higher output and lower cost.

Micro III 256/384/640 Uncooled LWIR Camera Module

MicroIII with cherry size, unique design, Ultra-small, ultra-light, and ultra-low power consumption provides you 640×512/384×288/ 256×192 resolution images.

FT II 384/640/1280 Uncooled LWIR Camera Module

Based on 12 μm ceramic packaged detector, FT II Series Long-distance Monitoring and Alarming Thermal Imaging Module.

Mini 384/640 ASIC Based LWIR Camera Module

The module with 12μm VOx WLP packaged detector, lighter weight, and lower power consumption is very suitable for miniaturized handheld devices, wearable devices, and light UAVs.

Cooled MWIR Camera Module

MWIR is applicable to different weather and scenarios and can provide images with rich details and superior quality.

Laser Range Finder Rangefinder Module

The eye-safe laser range finding module inside adopts InfiRay® self-developed 1535nm eye-safe erbium glass laser component, featuring low power consumption, compact size, and high accuracy.

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