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Bighead is a art of Bossard Group, a global network of companies headquartered in Zug, Switzerland. The network helps them share expertise with market leading peers in other fastening technologies across Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific. Bossard employs over 2,000 people in more than 60 locations.

  • Open with each other, and with our partners, because true collaboration demands trust.
  • Diligent because they know their customers rely on them.
  • They are brave because no challenge is too big and it takes courage to discover something new.
  • They are optimistic because they are working together to create a better future.

They help designers and engineers to fasten materials across a wide range of industries. From super-cars and luxury yachts to infrastructure projects and public utilities. Wherever you see a complex fastening challenge, you’ll find a bigHead hard at work.

Choose from their range of 400 standard bigHeads. Or if you need something special, they’ll make you a custom design. Whichever option you go with, you’ll get a versatile fastener that will save you time and cut production costs.

BigHead works with manufacturers in; Automotive, Marine, Rail, truck, bus and speciality vehicles, Construction, Energy, General industry, Aerospace and defence, Special projects…

Benefits of embedding a bigHead:

  • Up to 66% lighter than traditional bolts
  • Saves space, as you don’t need to anchor the bolt in extra composite
  • More precise fastening location directly from the mould tool
  • Quicker process with no secondary fastening installation
  • Higher tensile and torsional loads

·    Used as a connector designed for complex tasks

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