For Suppliers

With our targeted and quick communications and experienced staff, IMCA represents suppliers as their extension in Turkey markets. In IMCA we value face-to-face communication with the client, where we evaluate and find targeted solutions to their needs. We also attend technical trainings and presentations organized by our producers, which help us to have a greater insight on products. These are the main aspects of our work ethic that help us to stand out and implement manufacturers’ global policies in the local market. Regular face-to-face visits with manufacturers and mutually organized customer visits help suppliers to get a better understanding of the market in Turkey, which provides a better support towards the customer.


IMCA plays a major role in increasing the market success of represented brands by face-to-face meetings with customers and our high market penetration. Plans and strategies towards business development are negotiated in synch with producers, then carried out in real life.


The company participates regularly in local fairs and attends international fairs as a visitor.