InnoSenT has been synonymous with high quality and innovation in RADAR technology since 1999. Now, they have designed ITR-3800 for the customers who need both radar sensor and camera in one product for traffic applications.

ITR-3800 that has most advanced radar technology provides high precision and high accuracy solutions in your traffic projects. It is specially designed for traffic monitoring, intersection control, traffic classification & counting wrong way detection and many applications. By using ITR-3800 no additional software is needed to classify pedestrians/bikes, cars, small trucks, large trucks and trucks. It has capability of doing this classification itself.

Some outstanding features of ITR-3800;

  • Integrated 4K camera
  • Full HD Live Video
  • Camera FoV (142°x121°x73°)
  • Less power consumption
  • Easy sensor setup at junction
  • 0.8 kg weight

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