We see the development of our colleagues as one of our important responsibilities and embark on our journey of exploration and learning with IMCA I SACA OKUL.

IMCA I SACA OKUL is a center of development where the learning journey continues, an experience center where new talents are nurtured, and an interactive hub offering education in various categories and programs.

The new step of your career at IMCA I SACA OKUL!

Applications have begun for the IV. Term IMCA I SACA OKUL Preparation Program, for candidates without experience or with up to 3 years of experience.

If you wish to view engineering from the perspective of Sales and Marketing, understand our processes technically and commercially, and be a part of continuous learning, you should be a part of our program.

What are the application criteria for the IMCA | SACA OKUL IV. Term program?

✔ Without job experience or with up to 3 years of job experience,

✔ Electrical Electronics, Electronic Communication, Machine, Mechatronics, Material, Aviation and Space, Physics Engineering bachelor’s or master’s degree,

✔ At least B2 level of English,

✔ Eager to work in the fields of Technical Sales and Technical Marketing.

What are the education subjects in IMCA | SACA OKUL IV. Term?

  • What does a Sales and Marketing Engineer do?
  • Business English in Sales and Marketing
  • The Milestones of My 8 Years of Career
  • Fundamentals of B2B Marketing
  • Project Development Process, Exemplary Case
  • Case Study
  • Elocution and Effective Communication for Sales and Marketing Engineers
  • Technologies in Game, Animation, Health, and Sports
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Sales and Marketing Engineers – Q&A
  • DISC for Closing Sales Effectively

When and where will the IMCA | SACA OKUL IV. Term take place?

Start: September 16, 2023, Saturday | 09.00 A.M.

Location: IMCA | SACA OKUL Education Halls

End: October 14, 2023, Saturday | 3.00 P.M.

The program will take place on different days for week day evenings and weekends. The detailed program will be announced during the interviews.

What to expect after the IMCA | SACA OKUL IV. Term program?

Throughout the program, evaluations will be conducted to consider successful participants’ inclusion among our colleagues.

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