It is a pleasure to announce a new product in our MTi 600-series, extending the customer’s choice of inertial sensor modules.

Xsens is adding a new small form factor RTK GNSS/INS module, the MTi-680. The complete MTi 600-series line-up now offers a diverse choice of products that is capable of meeting a broad range of application requirements at competitive prices.

Notable features:

  • 0.2 deg accuracy in roll/pitch
  • 0.5 deg accuracy in Yaw/Heading
  • Cm-level position accuracy
  • 8.9 grams weight
  • Small, IP51-rated RTK GNSS/INS

The MTi-680 Development Kit including the MTi-680, carrier board, ublox ZED F9 receiver, GNSS antenna, micro USB and Ribbon cable is a plug-and-play product.