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Piconics has enjoyed a rich and famed legacy almost since its inception in 1963 in USA by founder Stephen A. Slenker, as he worked to realize and advance the benefits of miniaturizing electronic components, particularly for the space and military communities. Piconics today is a world class supplier of inductors and micro-inductors for a wide variety of applications such as space flight vehicles, military devices, avionics, industrial controls and medical instrumentation, among other things.

The first major success for the company was the Apollo Space Flight Program, to which Piconics contributed a design for a critical phase comparator transformer.

Piconics produces chip-style inductors, traditional air core microwave inductors, tunable inductors, toroids, through-hole packaged inductors and our flagship product: the conical inductor, which is available as a bare flying lead component or in a pick-and-place housing for surface mount assembly.