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pSemi builds upon 30-year legacy of technology advancements and top-ranked intellectual property (IP) portfolio. pSemi was founded in 1988 and in 2013, signed a collaborative sourcing and licensing agreement with Murata Manufacturing Company and ships its two-billionth chip.

pSemi’s product portfolio now spans power management, connected sensors, optical transceivers, antenna tuning, power amplifiers and integrated RF frontends.

pSemi manufactures intelligent and efficient semiconductors that are integrated into advanced modules for smartphones, base stations, industrial, automotive, data centers, IoT devices and healthcare.

pSemi’s UltraCMOS technology is a patented, advanced form of silicon on insulator (SOI). With its outstanding RF and microwave properties, SOI is an ideal substrate for integration. When paired with high-volume CMOS—the most widely used semiconductor technology—the result is a reliable, repeatable technology platform that offers superior performance compared to other mixed-signal processes.

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