With the increasing demands in the transportation industry, new technological needs have emerged. Due to its ecological benefits, railways have attracted significant interest from electronic system developers. Embedded computer technology is used in various areas such as train communication networks (TCN), CCTV, driver advisory systems (DAS), ticket tracking, passenger information systems (PIS), and robotic systems in transportation sectors, responding to the requirements of railway transportation.

These systems are used to optimize transportation for both passengers and operators while enhancing safety. For example, DAS technologies enable remote monitoring of track conditions, train speed, and obstacles on the rails, automatically alerting the driver or activating emergency brakes as necessary. Other common uses include HVAC systems for energy efficiency, ticket sales, fare management (POS), map displays, station announcements, and signaling for timely and accurate data transmission.

All these systems require high-performance operating systems, low power consumption, real-time operation, system security, durability, compliance, and long-term reliability.

While current high technology can meet these requirements, it also presents various challenges:

– Procuring various devices/components requires additional effort.

– Production may be hindered due to different procurement dates.

– Alternative devices may be more costly.

– There is no guarantee that assembled devices will work together seamlessly.

Though not always apparent, these challenges can be disadvantageous in urgent demand situations as they contribute to complexity. Therefore, the solution lies in simplifying the process.

Congatec went directly to the root of the cause and simplified the process by assembling the solutions. The new aReady embedded modules provide simplified solutions with pre-installed, pre-configured, and licensed operating systems.

Multiple Operating Systems
aReady can partition and isolate processors with its “Virtualization Layer,” allowing a single device to respond to different applications simultaneously.
This capability not only provides technical benefits but also reduces production time, supply lead times, and costs.

As the aReady stands for “application ready,” this becomes a great advantage for flexibility. The aReady.COM with the pre-integrated and already configured Hypervisor-on-Module means the real-time applications are quicker and more accurate.
The aReady Hypervisor-on-Module attachment also facilitates isolated environments that function to separate data and applications from each other, for each virtual machine. This isolation helps with data security.

Pre-installed Operating Systems
The aReady.COM series comes pre-installed with Real-Time Linux OS on 2 Cores and Ubuntu Pro running on 10 Cores, providing you with high-performance modules based on Intel13 processor.

Endurance and Longevity
One of the highlights of the aReady series is its operating temperature; between 0°-60° degrees Celsius of commercial temperature, the aReady series can endure even the toughest conditions.

With the railway industry’s prominent technological advancement, Congatec is proudly presenting the aReady.COM embedded building blocks series within the modules COM-HPC Client and COM-HPC Mini.