Space, Aviation, Defense

USA, 2002

SC199 Product Family

Operating temperatures: -40~+85°C and -55 ~ +125°C. It is designed for applications requiring high endurance, with read/write speeds up to 550/500 MB/s and capacity up to 4 TB.

EC188 Product Family

Operating temperatures: 0 ~ +55 °C and -40 ~ +85 °C. With maximum read/write speeds up to 6 GB/s, high IOPS up to 1,500,000, and capacity up to 32 TB, the EC188 Family is the fastest SSD for applications requiring high speed and ultra-high performance.

TC166 Product Family

It is aimed at applications that require low power consumption, long battery life, shock/vibration/drop resistance, long lifespan, data protection and security, noise-free operation, low heat generation, advanced system performance as well as light, thin and slim design.

OC177 Product Family

It offers compact and small form factor SSDs specifically designed without enclosures. These caseless miniature size SSD drives can be integrated into the motherboard.

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