Aerospace, Defence, Industrial, Telecommunications & Communications

USA, 1974


Resistors on AlN or Al2O3 suit applications which require high power dissipation in a small size. Allows users to tailor the device to their specific power requirements with the choice of thicknesses.


Characterized to +50GHz and +70dB attenuation.  100% Matte Tin Finish over Nickel Barrier Terminals with 50 Ohm Nominal Impedance.

Thermal Devices

Provides the user with a simple, cost effective way to manage thermal issues at the board level. ThermaBridge™ moves heat from one area to another through an electrically isolated, thermally conductive ceramic chip device with metallized terminals.

Splitter & Couplers

Characterized to +20GHz. Two, Three or Four Way Split. Alternative to softboard solutions. Many Term Material and Presence of Backplane (BP) are available

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