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Force Balance Accelerometers

  • ASB Series Angular Accelerometer
  • ASMP Angular Accelerometer
  • ASXC Angular Accelerometer
  • DXA-100/200 Series Linear Accelerometer
  • LCA-100 Series Accelerometer
  • LCF-200 Series Accelerometer
  • LCF-2530 Series Linear Accelerometer
  • LCF-3500 Series Linear Accelerometer
  • LSB Series Linear Accelerometer
  • LSLR Ultra-Low Range Accelerometer
  • LSMP Series Linear Accelerometer
  • SMA Series Linear Accelerometer

MEMS Accelerometers

  • AKA Analog MEMS Accelerometer Series
  • AMA Analog MEMS Accelerometer Series
  • DKA Digital MEMS Accelerometer
  • JMA-100/200/300 Analog MEMS Accelerometers
  • JMA-165 Analog MEMS Accelerometer Series


Forced Balance Inclinometers

Jewell force-balanced inclinometers respond to changes of slope as small as 1 microradian, with a high-level DC output signal proportional to the sine of the angle of tilt from as little as ±1° to ±90° full range.

MEMS Inclinometers

MEMS inclinometer is capable of measuring positive and negative inclination (angle) from ±1° to ±90° in one and two-axis configurations.



Highly reliable and accurate eCompass products offer heading accuracy of around ±0.5° rms in static conditions and consume less power.

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