Aerospace, Defence, Industrial, Telecommunications & Communications

South Korea, 2005

Ceramic Filter

Low insertion loss for using high Q-value ceramic dielectric substrate RF signal filtering with SMD and reflow soldering.

LTE Filter

Improvement of OTA signal by filtering out LTE, 5G, 4G, and 3G mobile interferences by having compact sizes, low losses and extra sharp filtering.

Dielectric Duplexer/Multiplexer

Various size & wide frequency, small and light for using high dielectric constant ceramics.

RFID Antenna

Various types of RFID antennas grounded on source materials technology. Developing smaller and lighter high-function antennas.

Ceramic Antenna

Circular Polarization 900 MHz ISM Band (FCC, ETSI, KCC, CCC & etc.).

Fixed Type Antenna

Panel type antennas 900 MHz ISM Band (FCC, ETSI, KCC, CCC & etc.).

GPS Active Antenna

Active GPS receives and amplifies the GPS signal it receives from satellites by sending power to the attached GPS antenna.

Chip Antenna

SMT, Matching Network, High efficiency in the limited space.

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