Avionics, Defence, Industrial, Transportation, Automatization

USA, 2016

RF Switches

The Ideal MEMS Switch has proven to be an ideal replacement for large high-power RF electromechanical relays, as well as RF/microwave solid-state PIN diode switches, where linearity and insertion loss are critical parameters.

Signal Relays

6-channel SPST signal relay perfect for high-density LF switch matrices in any industry. In general, it is the ideal replacement for any space-wasting electromechanical relays and reed relays.

Power Management

Custom power management ASICs are designed to make the Ideal Switch even easier to use, opening up new applications and markets.

Power Relays

Replace your large, slow, unreliable EM relays with the Ideal Switch. Enable a new era of connected and better protected buildings, transportation, factories, and power distribution.

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