Aerospace, Defense, Optical Communications, Industrial, Test and Measurement

Spain, 1993

Single Bar Lasers

Single laser bar has conduction or water macro-channels cooling with great heat dissipation and an unprecedented low smile.

Vertical Diode Laser Stacks

Vertical diode laser assemblies, efficiently cooled with conduction or millimeter water channels cooling circuit.

Horizontal Diode Laser Arrays

Conducticon or water- cooled linear diode laser arrays operating in CW or QCW mode. Wavelength range starts at 640 nm up to 2200 nm.

Direct Diode Lasers

Direct diode lasers in a broad range of power levels and emission wavelengths are designed for the most demanding industrial and medical applications that deliver up to 8 kW of power in continuous wave (CW).

Fiber-coupled Lasers

Wavelength stabilized fiber-coupled laser modules with a grating for wavelength locking

Multipath 532: Photocoagulation Laser

Diode-pumped solid state green laser peak power at CW: up to 8W, peak power at QCW: up to 15W

Pumping Sources

High and medium power laser diode pumping units with near infrared and green wavelength.

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