Space, Aviation, Defence, Industrial, Telecommunications

USA, 1990


With the Ultra CMOS technology providing broadband and general-purpose RF switches deliver an industry leading combination of insertion loss, isolation, linearity and settling time, while routing RF signals to the selected RF port.

Digital Step Attenuators

Glitchless RF DSAs feature glitchless attenuation state transitions and an extended operating temperature range to +105 °C, ideal for many broadband wireless applications.

Tx/Rx Modules

Front-end RFIC integrates power amplifiers, low-noise amplifiers, phase shifters and switches into a single die that provides optimal signal strength for up to 1024-element antenna arrays.

Phase & Amplitude Control

Ideal solution for optimizing transmission phase with its low RMS phase and amplitude error levels, with dual parallel and serial programming options.

RF Mixers & Limiters

Highly integrated and smaller than PIN diode solutions; featuring an adjustable threshold control, high-power handling and fast response and recovery times.

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