Avionics, Defence, Industrial, Transportation, Automation

Taiwan, 1996

Enterprise Mobility

Rugged Laptop, Windows Rugged Tablet,  Android Rugged Tablets, Ultra Rugged Tablet

Industrial Panel PC and HMI

Touchscreen is a rugged and durable solution designed specifically for the food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

Healthcare Grade

Healthcare solutions play an imperative role in streamlining hospital operations and improving patient care with features that enable instant data sharing and accurate image reproduction.

Industrial Display

A wide range of industrial display solutions with different housing types that supports multiple mounting options.

Embedded Computing/Intelligent Radio Gateway

Small form factor mini PCs designed to fit in space-confined areas and are ideal for demanding applications within the Industrial, Commercial, Scientific Research, Defence, Public Safety, Utility, Transportation, mining and Telecommunications markets.

Defence Grade

Defence Grade rugged tablet computers and rugged displays that are developed to adhere to demanding armed forces specs (MIL-STD) standards.

Marine Grade

Marine products that feature industrial-grade design and undergo rigorous testing beyond Defence standard compliance to ensure safety and performance.

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