The AsteRx-i3 family consists of AsteRx-i3 D Pro, AsteRx-i3 D Pro Plus, AsteRx-i3 S Pro Plus, AsteRx-SBi3 Pro and AsteRx-SBi3 D Pro Plus.

Remarkable features of The AsteRx-i3 family:

  • OEM boards are available for rapid integration as well as ruggedized receivers enclosed in a waterproof IP68 housing.
  • Even when GNSS signals are lost by using dead reckoning algorithm you know desired location.
  • High accuracy positioning with 3D orientation, heading, pitch and roll angles.
  • With single and dual antenna modes options Pro Plus receives provides either raw or integrated positioning and orientation data.
  • The family’s AsteRx-i3 S Pro Plus has an off-board IMU sensor that can be mounted faultlessly at the alignment point.
  • Thanks to  AIM+, Advanced Interference Monitoring and Mitigation The AsteRx-i3 offers anti-jamming and anti-spoofing technology.