Septentrio is happy to announce the release of Firmware version 4.10.0 for its OEM boards and modules.

In this update, Mosaic series, AsteRx-m3 series, AsteRx series, version 21.0.0 of RxTools are affected. This new software release brings several enhancements and new features focused on expanding the capabilities of the products and provides better resilience

For instance:

  • QZSS is now supported in our Positioning engine, Receivers now support BeiDou B1C and B2a signals and the numbers of satellites used in our PVT engine has been extended.
  • For the SECORX-S and MARINESTAR products new corrections library have been integrated which provide enhanced capabilities.

Full software release notes describing all the enhancements and new features are available on Septentrio support portal. To download the 4.10.0 software package or latest RxTools software suite, please go to our support portal: To get any additional information on Septentrio products and latest firmware, please contact us.