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Wei Bo Associates HK, Ltd. is a privately held, Hong Kong registered company, founded in 2014.

Offer cutting edge, world class RF & Microwave products from the comfortable confines of the world’s most customer friendly business environment. “No hassles, no bureaucratic headaches, no twenty questions.”

Wei Bo Associates’s founders have over 50 years RF & MW business experience and understand what customer value: Performance, Quality, Price & Reliable Service.

Wei Bo Associates’ production facility is located in Malaysia and has over 25 years experience building RF modules, components, diodes, coaxial packages for several top RF & MW semiconductor OEMs.

Over 25 years experience in high volume RF & MW component and subsystem assemblies, Wei-Bo Associates provides full range of assembly processes: ceramic, plastic, glob top & metal can and full RF testing.

The main products group are:

  • RF Switch SMT Modules
  • RF Limiter SMT Modules
  • Integrated Switch Limiter Module
  • Fixed Attenuator Pads
  • Quartz Spiral Instructors
  • MIS Chip Capacitors
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