The company develops himself every day and updates its software in accordance with market needs.

MT Software Suite 2021.0 and MTi-G-710, MTi-7, MTi-600 series, which we have been waiting for a while, are now available to download.

Main highlights of the Software and Firmware updates:

The new MT Software Suite 2021.0

  • Added ‘total free acceleration’ in plot
  • Updated Python support from 3.5 to 3.9
  • Small bug fixes

MTi 600-series incl. MTi-680G RTK GNSS/INS

  • Improved orientation performance for MTi-680G
  • Support for latest generation u-blox ZED and u-blox NEO
  • $GGA output through 4-pins connector
  • Added orientation smoother
  • Added In-run Compass Calibration (ICC)
  • Added stillness detection to MGBE


  •  Added possibility to cancel ongoing manual gyro bias estimation
  • Added support for latest generation u-blox ZED and NEO receivers
  • Improved orientation performance


  •  Added ability to initialize to a user-specified heading
  • Improved orientation performance

You can find the details in release notes .

You can find updates to download in Download the latest software and firmware

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