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    Data Rate:Up to 5 Gbps
    Impedance:90 ± 15 ohms
    Shielding Effectiveness:Greater than 60 dB up to 2.5 GHz
    Insertion Loss:-2.9 dB to 2.5 GHz
    Vibration:20 g’s with no discontinutiues > 1microsecond (*)
    Shock:50 g’s with no discontinutiues > 1microsecond (*)
    Environmental Sealing and Durability:IP68 and 1,500 mating cycles.: 
    Insulation Resisitance:100 megohms @ 250VDC
    Operating Temperature:-55°C - +85°C
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  • SPC3   ODU lamella contacts and a robust housing with
       push-pull locking
       Nominal current up to 300 A
       Nominal voltage up to 1,000 V (with EMI protection on request)
       Protection class IP 50 or IP 67 in mated condition
       High number of mating cycles > 5,000
       Operation temperature: –40° up to +140° C
       Low mating and demating forces
       Housing non-magnetic
  • ODU-MAC web 6d4e7c28f8   

      ODU now offers the entire compressed air and fluid range of ODU-MAC  with higher flow rates and/or high operating pressure. The electrical  connector technology  specialists’ in-house development and production  increase the flow rate for the compressed air valves by approximately 20  percent, while the operating pressure for the fluid modules is boosted  by  ten bar (145 PSI).
  • odu-amc-push-pull 9958 Teaser   

     With its Push-Pull design, the ODU AMC can be swiftly mated without force and   unmated quickly – and you can do both blind, without needing to see the connector.  The locking  state is unambiguous and reliable even in hard-to-access places.
     Push-Pull plugs and Break-Away plugs can be mated or interchanged with the same receptacle.    

  • odu-amc-datentechnik 9994 Teaser-Hauptbild   

       In military and security technology, the reliable transfer of as much data as possible in the shortest time possible is becoming increasingly important. The objective is the      comprehensive and up-to-date supply of data everywhere at all times. The various designs of the ODU AMC connector series satisfy these requirements: In addition to        the USB 2.0 version and the Ethernet designs with transfer rates of 100 Mbit to 10 Gbit, ODU also offers a connector that combines USB 2.0 and Ethernet transfer.

  • IMCALogo2 rev
    2002 yılında Elektronik Devre Elemanları pazarına hizmet verme amacıyla kurulan İMCA Elektronik, 2013 başında Bossard firmasını Türkiye’ de temsil etmeye başlamıştır. Bossard’ ın geniş ürün yelpazesi ve İMCA Yönetimi’ nin 25 yılı aşkın pazar deneyimi, işbirliğini oldukça başarılı bir noktaya getirmiş ve her iki şirketin karşılıklı istekleri doğrultusunda sadece Bossard’ ın temsili amacıyla 2014 Ekim ayında İMCA Mekanik şirketi kurulmuştur.

    Şirket, Ankara ve İstanbul’ daki dinamik kadrosu ve 1.500 farklı ürün stoğu ile bağlantı elemanları sektöründe, kaliteli çözümler arayan üreticilerin tedarikçileri arasına kısa sürede girmeyi başarmıştır.
  • MARL
    Marl's capability to support the Defence Industry
    Marl recently paid a visit to Barrow-in-Furness based BAE Systems, to illustrate our capabilities to support the Defence industry.

    For the past 40 years, Marl has been designing products to meet applications demanding high performance with high reliability. Marl are recognised as leaders in the LED industry, and have access to the best LED technology of the moment.

  • Electro Adapter's connector accessories are backed with over 42 years of experience and are incorporated in critical applications, worldwide. During this time we have built a reputation for quality, innovation, and integrity. Connector accessories are our only business which allows us to work closely with connector and harness manufacturers to achieve the optimum design for each application.

  • DAU - A Miba Group Company               
    DAU customized Heatpipe Solutions for power semiconductors are extremely flexible, offering designers an array of solurions for cooling their heat source elements.

    The heat spreader block can be designed individually to the footprint of the semiconductors.
    The Heatpipes themselves are available in a variety of diameters to best suit the application requirement and the power which has to be dissipated.
    Fin structure, size and number of fins can be designed to meet the cooling requirements of both forced cooling or natural convection.


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