Overview: High performance, general purpose, single and three phase designs

Current Rating: 1A to 100A

Voltage Rating: 250V AC, 100V DC

Applications: Switched mode power supplies; communications systems

Design Benefits:

  • Very wide frequency performance range
  • Self healing capacitors technology utilised
  • Bulkhead or chassis mounting


Overview: AC/DC, standard, high & extended range performance options, high current

Current Rating: 10A to 500A

Voltage Rating: 130V to 250V AC, 30V to 600V DC

Applications: Telecoms, base stations, IT equipment, servers, medical, process control, defence, power supplies

Design Benefits:

  • Minimal footprint
  • Self healing plastic film capacitors utilised
  • Threaded terminals for bulkhead mounting
  • High capacitance value
  • Cost effectiveness


Overview: Range of high performance filters for use within TEMPEST applications, where protection compliant with SDIP-29 and equipment hardening to SDIP-27 B/C is required.

Applications: TEMPEST security.

Design Benefits:

  • Optimum performance across the full frequency range, cost effective, varied cable entry & connection options


Overview: Range of high performance filters including AC & DC, standard, extended, low leakage and 400Hz designs in both single and three phase options

Current rating: 5A to 2400A

Voltage Rating: 250V DC & 115 – 440V AC

Applications: Shielded rooms, tactical and mobile shelters, computer suites, EMC, EMP protection systems and TEMPEST

Design Benefits:

  • High insertion loss, very low heat dissipation, ultra small footprint, cost effective, varied cable entry options