Movella offers industry-leading systems for directing, controlling, and sensing motion in industrial environments.

By combining expertise across a wide range of systems, from unmanned aerial and ground vehicles to indoor and underwater robots, Movella delivers reliable solutions for your projects.

An Overview of MTi-320

MTi-320 is an Active Heading Tracker (AHT) product designed for high-volume applications that require accurate heading tracking in environments susceptible to magnetic interference. Its physical design shares similarities with the MTi 600 series modules, while its internal sensing elements and electronic design feature many common attributes with the MTi 1 series. In addition to functioning as an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), it utilizes a Vertical Reference Unit (VRU) algorithm to compute 3D data in a gravity-referenced frame: roll, pitch, and yaw (unreferenced).

It is an easy-to-use, fully functional, standalone module in designs. The MTi-320 module (IP51) can be connected to a host computer via an RS232 interface or through USB using a hardware converter with a USB lock.
The Active Heading Stabilization (AHS) algorithm of the MTi-320 is optimized for very low deviation, providing real-time orientation measurement along the “Z-axis” (Yaw/Heading) using internal #Gyroscopes and #Accelerometers, optionally complemented by magnetometers.

Movella’s optimized strapdown algorithm (Attitude Engine™) performs high-speed, precise calculations. It accurately captures high-frequency movements by computing at 1 kHz. The algortithm, in this cost-effective module provides high accuracy and automatic calibration for various applications.

Movella (Xsens) Sensor Fusion Algorithm for VRU/AHT Product Types

Movella’s sensor fusion algorithm optimally predicts orientation relative to a world-fixed frame using 3D inertial sensor data. Contrary to Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS), Active Heading Tracker (AHT), doesn’t use magnetometers to estimate an absolute deviation according to the Earth’s magnetic field or direction. The Yaw prediction produced by AHT does not reference external data. It starts at 0 degrees and primarily relies on gyroscope readings. However, due to the Strapdown integration algorithm and extended Kalman filtering, Yaw predictions generated by AHT are significantly more accurate than those based solely on basic gyroscope integration.

Active Heading Stabilization (AHS)

Active Heading Stabilization (AHS), is a software component inside the sensor fusion motor designed to provide low-divergence, unreferenced direction solution even in magnetic environments.

AHS, manyetik alanı referans olarak kullanan bir filtre profiline uygulandığında, manyetik alan artık referans olarak kullanılmayacaktır. Yaw çıkışı, Kuzey referanslı yerine başlangıç istikametine göre referans alınacaktır. Bu nedenle sensör başlatıldığında yaw tahmini 0 derece olacaktır. AHS etkinken sapma saat başına 1-3 derece kadar düşük olabilir. Ancak bu, uygulamanın türüne bağlıdır. AHS, depo robotları ve diğer kara araçları gibi zaman zaman hareketsiz kalan uygulamalar için en iyi sonucu verir.