For Employees

Management team supports their co-workers with regular trainings in Turkey and abroad because they believe each employee will make the most effort to improve himself/herself and as an outcome, both the employees and IMCA will be affected positively. The company’s transparent policy on sharing information provides a working environment that motivates and educates young employees.

Employees are not expected to be the smartest instead, they should be more eager and work harder. Trusting employees with high responsibilities has been embraced as the core of management style in this company.

Employees are not expected to be smarter but to be “more willing” and “hard worker”. In its basic understanding of management, the “high responsibility” principle has been adopted and internalized by the entire IMCA team.

IMCA organizes regular trainings to contribute to the development of its employees. Our trainings include:

  • Domestic Technical Trainings

  • Abroad Technical Training

  • Sales and Marketing Training: Educon

  • General Management Training: Ahmet ERYILMAZ

  • Proper Speaking and Oratory Education: Başkent Diksiyon ve İletişim
  • English Language Education: Turkish American Association
  • Chats and presentations with Administrators
  • Monday Trainings: half-hour long training presentations IMCA employees demonstrate every Monday