Leveraging patented and patent pending technologies, the 3U VPX rugged SSDs deploy NVMe / PCIe Gen 3 interfaces with speeds exceeding 6.0 GB/s and capacities of 16 TB, and are designed to work in extreme environmental conditions such as in military, defense, aerospace, and submerged applications.

Foremay, Inc., a leader of technology innovation in rugged solid state drives and one of the world’s Top SSD companies, announced its EC188 series rugged VPX SSD drives. These military and aerospace grade VPX SSDs offer the world’s largest capacity with each single card up to 16 TB. Furthermore, Foremay’s rugged VPX SSD drives bring unprecedented performance with read/write speeds up to 6.5/6.2 GB/s, and random read/write IOPS at 4KB up to 550K/600K. These cutting-edge features help defense and aerospace system builders design their next generation systems for air, space, ground (including sand, mud & wetland), and underwater applications.

“The COVID-19 pandemic did not stop our sustained pace in seeking continuing excellence in technology innovation in rugged solid state drives,” said Dr. Jack Winters, Foremay’s CTO and cofounder. “Our rugged VPX SSDs were created during a harsh economic environment, and they will serve well in harsh deployment environments. ”

Foremay’s rugged VPX military-grade SSD is further enhanced with special features including military secure erase, encryption, write protection, radiation hardening, and self-destruction under emergency situations. They can tolerate extreme vibration and shock conditions that meet or exceed MIL-STD-810G standards. The VPX SSDs can operate in extreme cold and hot temperatures ranging from -50ºC to 90ºC, or even wider under special orders. Taking advantage of advanced thermal throttle technologies, the read/write speed is intelligently adapted when operating in extremely high-temperature environment.

Product Availability

EC188 series rugged VPX NVMe / PCIe Gen 3 SSD drives are in production now with capacity up to 16 TB for 3U and 32 TB for 6U. In addition, Foremay also offers SATA interface based rugged VPX SSD drives.


About Foremay

Founded in Silicon Valley in 2002, Foremay, Inc. is a leading organization dedicated to technological innovation in rugged and secure Solid State Drives (SSDs) for highly reliable mission-critical computing and industrial computing. Foremay is headquartered in Pasadena, California, USA.