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Germany, 2005


The computer-on-module for high performance compute (COM-HPC) form factor standard targets high I/O and computer performance levels.

COM Express Type 7

COM Express Type 7 trades all audio and video interfaces for four 10G Ethernet ports and a total of 32 PCI Express lanes in order to support enhanced micro servers and other server Type applications that only allow for low power consumption but require high computing performance and communication throughput.

COM Express Type 6

COM Express Basic size Type 6 is the most popular and widely used computer-on-module form factor on the market. With pinouts closely matching the feature set of common x86 based silicon, two COM Express connectors allow for designs of up to 75 watts. The Type 6 pinout has a strong focus on multiple modern display outputs targeting applications such as medical, gaming, test and measurement and industrial automation.

COM Express Type 10

The COM Express Type 10 Mini (84 x 55 mm, credit card size) is capable of entry level processing with ultra-low power consumption, while supporting graphics and optimized I/O count for mobile applications.


SMARC module is designed to enable digital transformation even at the outer edge for highly size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C) sensitive applications.


Targeting next generation ultra mobile embedded processors built using latest mobile chip technologies, the Qseven® format complements the low power and small size of these processors. By exploiting the small form factor of the industry’s latest processors, the Qseven® format offers high performance computing power, delivered in a module measuring only 70 x 70 mm² or 40×70 mm².

Mini ITX

Mini-ITX is a compact motherboard configuration designed to support relatively low-cost computers in small spaces such as in automobiles, set-top box es, and network devices.


Pico-ITX is a size and shape specification for very small computer motherboards. Pico-ITX motherboards are about 3.9 inches by 2.8 inches (10 cm by 7.2 mm), making them many times smaller than the motherboards found in most desktop computers.

3.5” SBC

3.5” single board computer(SBC) is a complete computer built on a small form factor measured 5.7″ x 4″ in industrial standard.

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