Avionics, Defence, Industrial, Transportation, Automation

Sweden, 1997

Nautiz X81

The ultra-rugged handheld device keeps you productive in challenging work environments. The versatile design allows you to add barcode scanning and even leverage 3rd party solutions using the convenient expansion cover system. Plus, a complete ecosystem of accessories ensures you have everything you need to use the Nautiz X81 in your specific work routine.

Nautiz X2

4.7″ rugged android tablet with 1D/2D barcode scanner

Nautiz X41

The Nautiz X41 is built standard with the features you need; use it as a phone or send and receive data over WLAN, BT, 4G/LTE and NFC.

Nautiz X6

The Nautiz X6 ultra-rugged Android phablet is ideal for rough-and-tumble applications like surveying and GIS, with a superior GNSS receiver for precise, continually available position and time information.

Nautiz X9

The Nautiz X9 ultra-rugged computer is a tough-as-nails Android PDA that can handle any environment a field worker might encounter.

Algiz 10XR

The possible applications for the Algiz 10XR rugged Windows tablet are nearly endless. We’ve included a dedicated u-blox receiver and chipset, and long-lasting, hot-swappable batteries.

Algiz RT10 RTK

The Algiz RT10 RTK rugged Android tablet integrates Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS accuracy into a tablet and is designed specifically for GIS and mapping professionals who need highly precise location data.

Algiz RT10

The Algiz RT10 offers a complete ecosystem for mobile professionals.

Algiz RT8

The Algiz RT8 is a unique 8-inch Android tablet computer built specifically to increase fieldwork efficiency.

Algiz 8X

The ultra-mobile Algiz® 8X rugged tablet combines powerful computing with ultimate reliability in the toughest environments.

Algiz 10X

The powerful Algiz® 10X rugged tablet offers sophisticated technology and can withstand weather elements and harsh handling — a perfect match for today’s mobile workforce.


The SP500X uses advanced technology to create simple efficiency


The RS60 ring scanner is easy to pair with a mobile computer using the Android ring control app and the option of either scanning a barcode or NFC tap to pair.

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