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USA, 1957

HEICO-LOCK®: Wedge Locking System

®: Even under extremes of vibration or dynamic loads, the HEICO-LOCK® Wedge Locking System provides maximum reliability.When the bolt is tightened, the external radial teeth of the HEICO-LOCK® Wedge Lock System embed themselves in an interlocking fashion with the respective mating surface.

HEICO-TEC®: Tensioning Systems

For a secure joint with a HEICO-TEC® Tension Nut, no electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic tools are needed. All you need is a torque wrench. The HEICO-TEC® Tension Nut is unique in the fact that the pretension force of the large main thread is distributed to many smaller pressure bolts. Because the pressure bolts are smaller, a conventional torque wrench can be used to achieve the correct pretension force. This eliminates the need for complex, bulky, or heavy tools and makes securing large bolted joints more convenient and easy.

HEICO-FORM®: Cold Forged Parts

HEICO group is able to replace castings and turned parts with cold-formed components despite close tolerances. This offers advantages by optimising material properties through cold working and reducing material usage.

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