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All Marki amplifiers are suitable LO drivers if the output power is sufficient across the required LO frequency range


Broadband, microwave frequency baluns and balun transformers for test and measurement and high speed analog to digital interface applications.

Bias Tees

Bias tee offers the ability to apply or detect a DC voltage on a high frequency signal. The important specifications of a bias tee include insertion loss, insertion loss flatness, group delay flatness, and return loss between the high frequency and common ports.


Allows the user to sample the power on a transmission line with a given coupling factor. Crucially, a directional coupler will (ideally) sample power in only one direction, discriminating between forward and backward traveling signals.


Type of filter designed to introduce frequency dependent losses opposite to those naturally present in a system. When inserted into a system with a typical frequency characteristic, it equalizes the broadband insertion loss of the system.


Filters are a fundamental component of signal processing. They pass signals within their passband and reject signals outside the passband.


A quadrature or 90˚ hybrid is a special type of power splitter that creates a 90˚ (π/2 radians) phase shift between the two outputs. This phase shift is both broadband (unlike a delay line) and relative (between the outputs).

IQ Mixers

An IQ mixer consists of two mixers where the RF (or LO) ports are connected with an in-phase power divider and the LO (or RF) ports are connected with a quadrature hybrid. The two IF ports, I for the in-phase component and Q for the 90° out-of-phase component, are available to the user.


Microwave mixers translate the frequency of electromagnetic signals. Marki has a continuing legacy of creating the highest performance RF and microwave mixers in the world.


Multiplier is a nonlinear device that efficiently produces output signals at integer multiples of the input signal frequency.

Power Dividers

RF/microwave power divider will split an input signal into two equal and identical (i.e. in-phase) signals. It can also be used as a power combiner, where the common port is the output and the two equal power ports are used as the inputs.


Combining decades of microwave assembly experience with advanced MMIC designs, Marki Microwave has crafted high performance coaxial attenuators operating to 110 GHz with improved reliability and lower pricing than any other solution on the market.


RF limiters are passive low cost integrated circuits used to protect expensive, power sensitive front-end components such as amplifiers and high frequency ADCs.

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