Of the leading manufacturers of embedded computers, Congatec introduced their new products at Embedded World 2023. The COM-HPC product family includes COM-HPC modules across a wide range, from high-performance server modules to ultra-compact clients. It offers customized cooling solutions, carrier boards, and design services. The new COM-HPC Mini standard provides high performance and new high-speed interfaces for smaller solutions.

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COM – HPC Mini Features at a Glance

• COM-HPC Mini module is the 12th Gen Intel Core processor series and its future versions.

• The new COM-HPC Mini standard, providing 400 pins compared to the 220 pins of COM Express Mini, is designed to meet the increased interface requirements of multifunctional edge computers.

• The extension includes full functionality with up to 4 USB 4.0 ports, Thunderbolt and DisplayPort alternate mode support, PCIe Gen 4/5 lanes up to 16, 2x 10 Gbit/s Ethernet ports, and much more.

• Additionally, COM-HPC Mini connector’s capability to support bandwidths higher than 32 Gbit/s surpasses all other credit card-sized modules, enabling support for PCIe Gen 5 and even Gen 6.

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Contact us for more information on Congatec’s COM-HPC Mini and other products: info@imca.com.tr