InnoSenT GmbH is a German company producing high-tech radar sensors. Their headquarter is in Donnersdorf, Germany. As a market leader in this industrial sector, InnoSenT GmbH provides many radar sensor solutions for Traffic Radar, Security, Robotic & Smart Factory, Building Automation & Smart Home, Level Measurement and EMS applications.

InnoSenT’s radar antenna emits a signal in the form of radar waves, which move at the speed of light and are not perceivable by humans. When the waves hit objects, the signal changes and is reflected back to the sensor – similarly to an echo. The signal arriving at the antenna contains information about the detected object. The received signal is then processed in order to identify and position the object using the data collected.

What makes radar different from other sensor technologies?

  • Penetration of materials: The electromagnetic waves of radar sensors penetrate various materials. It allows the sensors to be integrated discreetly into a product design.
  • Insensitivity to weather conditions: It has high resistance to moisture, dirt and temperature. Moreover, it works even despite overexposure and bad lighting conditions.
  • Application flexibility: InnoSenT offers a great range of functions including measurement of distance & speed, tracking, positioning of objects, determination of ETA, object classification, people count and these radar sensors are suitable for indoor & outdoor applications.

InnoSenT GmbH boast over 20 years of experience in developing and producing electronic components. This expertise coupled with the high-performance team of experts from the areas of radar development, production, and testing set InnoSenT apart within the radar sensor industry: highly qualified technical staff work on your product with dedication. They form our foundation for exceptionally high quality and client-specific electronic production.

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