OEM Receiver Boards

Septentrio is the leading worldwide supplier of OEM GNSS receivers. Our OEM receivers have multi constellation capabilities, IONO+ technology to migrate the negative effects of iridium interference and low power consumption. Used in a variety of industries such as marine, mining and agriculture, Septentrio’s OEM GNSS receivers are industry recognized as providing consistently accurate and reliable GNSS positioning.


Integrated GNSS Receivers

Septentrio’s enclosed receivers protect your GNSS receiver from the elements at sea, on land or in the air. Coming in 2/3 variants, the enclosed receivers are designed for use in a number of industries and offer a number of configuration and connectivity possibly so you are guaranteed solid performance of your Septentrio receiver in whatever challenging condition you may find yourself. 


Smart Antennas

Always be within a centimeter RTK accurate in the field with Septentrio’s line of smart antennas. Specifically designed for the surveying industry, our unique Altus smart antenna line offer better value by design, highly successful products featuring multi-frequency satellite technology and connectivity through WiFi, Bluetooth and USB compatible ruggedized tablet. 


Reference Receivers

Employed to test Galileo satellites before launch into orbit, Septentrio’s reference receivers are a trusted product line of high performance GNSS receivers. They provide network operators and scientists with high quality tracking and measurement of all available and upcoming GNSS signals including Beidou, GPS, GLONASS and Galileo. Variants of our reference receivers are available to resolve more complex issues such as time transfer and attitude calculation.